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September 27, 2022 | By Justin Tye

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Tip Tuesday - Curb Appeal

Tip Tuesday - Curb Appeal Great curb appeal can make a big difference when selling a home. Not only can it make your property stand out from the competition, but it could also bring in higher offers. An attractive house can also be a benefit even if you’re aren’t planning to sell right now. Take a look at these budget-friendly ideas:

1. Update your mailbox. Upgrade to brick or a stylish look. You can also paint the old box a new color and add some fall decor.

2. Make the porch more inviting. Add a sitting area with chairs & a rug or install a bench swing. Potted plants & warm lighting also go a long way. Freshen up your front door paint!

3. Update your garden. Add a new layer of mulch or install pavers around the outside of each garden area. 4. Clean up the exterior. Power-wash your walkways & siding. Maybe give your shutters a new coat of paint & fix any holes or stains on the driveway.

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